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Long time no see everyone! I am sorry for the lack of blogging; I must say I am not very good at the whole blogging thing. I get stuck on what I should blog & when nothing comes to mind, I don’t know what to write.

Luckily I have some ideas/content to blog about. I recently semi-completed my dining room. Which I will never say “completed” since design for me is always ongoing. I get bored pretty easily & I am always looking for new ideas or fresh inspiration, so this could change next week. Who knows?! Now I will get onto the actual dining room “reveal”.

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

The look or feel I love is a semi rustic vintage mixed with traditional elements. Whenever I try to go too trendy or for elements that are in vogue, I get bored very quickly which is bad for my budget & my hubby is not a fan of that. We recently remodeled our town home this past fall & when we chose the elements, I wanted very traditional bones so that anything would mix well in the space.

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

The walls are Benjamin Moore in Grey Owl. The flooring is wood tile which I LOVE so MUCH!! I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome these floors are! They are easy to keep clean & I just mop them with a steam mop & then they are spotless! If you are on the fence about the wood tiles, I can 100% say GO FOR IT! You will not regret the choice. They are both durable & beautiful. 🙂

I will do my best to provide the sources for the pieces in the room. If I forget anything, please comment below & I will be happy to let you know where something is from.

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

The table & buffet are from IKEA about 8 years ago. Sadly these particular pieces are no longer available, but I have seen some pieces in their current Stornas collection that are a good dupe. The light is from Young House Love’s Shades of Light collection which you can view here. It was a tad difficult to install, but my hubby & I figured it our after a couple of failed attempts.

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

All of the frames for the artwork are from thrift stores or Goodwill. The art is my own photography work. I still need to paint the thin silver frames gold, but I am waiting for the weather to cooperate. It has either been too cold, rainy, or so windy that I could not paint them. I think in a couple of weeks it will be nice enough for me to get these done. I collected plates, ironstone & silver serving pieces throughout the years from various thrift stores. Everyone’s area they live in is different, but where I live there are almost always frames, brass, silver, & ironstone available when I look.

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

The bar cart is one of my FAVE pieces & is from Target’s Threshold line that came out this past fall. I searched & searched for one year for an affordable bar cart in brass & every one I found was over $600. When this line came out I did not hesitate & snagged one before risking them selling out. The wood floor lamp behind it is also from Target & all of the pieces on the buffet/bar cart are either from thrift stores or miscellaneous home stores. Such as Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc.

I looked for awhile for a rug for this space because the dimensions in here are on the small side. The patio door is right next to the table so it could not be too long, but I needed the width in order for the chairs to be able to pull out correctly. I found this one on Overstock but it has since sold out. 🙁 I purchased a 5’6″ x 8’6″ size & I wish it was wider, but I got such an amazing deal (less than $200!!) that I am ok with it being a bit too small. Most area rugs that are this beautiful & this size start at $700 & go way up! It’s cray!

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

The dining chairs were on clearance at Target & were a great find! I was looking for ones similar to these at Pottery Barn  but at $270 EACH, that was a major NO to the Pottery Barn chairs! The Target chairs were discontinued at the stores by me & were $50 dollars each! YES all four for less than one chair at Pottery Barn! Score! We had to build them ourselves, but they are solid wood & heavy duty. We are thrilled with them!

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

The large floor mirror was purchased about 5 years ago from IKEA & was $100 bucks at the time. For some reason it is now $129 which is a bummer, but still it’s a great deal. I found several identical mirrors from West Elm & Crate & Barrel & they started at $500 at the time. Umm I think I will take the $100 version, thanks!

If you have any questions about an item or anything design related, please feel free to ask me & I will be happy to answer! Have a fantastic day & thank you for reading about my dining room.

Danielle Potter Design Dining Room

Much Love!

~ Danielle



  1. by Katie on February 25, 2014  8:03 pm Reply

    I can't tell you how much I love this. It is such a fresh and inviting space. I can imagine a lot of warm, welcoming dinner parties and peaceful mornings with coffee spent at this table!

    • by Danielle Potter on February 25, 2014  8:10 pm Reply

      Thank you so much! Our favorite times are weekend breakfasts at the table or having friends over for dinner! Cannot wait for you three to come visit us here! :)

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